On Tour @ #perfnow 2/6 with Anna Migas

This interview is part of our six-part series On Tour @ #perfnow.

At the beginning of November, we attended a new conference in Amsterdam called performance.now(). performance.now() is put together by no-one less than Steve Souders and Tim Kadlec, two well known experts in the performance circus. And they teamed up with the people running the CSS Day. What they put together was nothing short of amazing. They had 16 of the most talented speakers flying in from all over the world, and we got the opportunity to interview a few of them!

Anna Migas: Faster Rendering Performance

Anna Migas’ talk was about Rendering Performance in the Browser. We talk about 120 fps screens and how they will change the way we develop JavaScript today. Another interesting topic is the will-change property in CSS and how it is useful for developers to increase Rendering Performance. Lastly we speak about the CSS Containment property and what it does.


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