On Tour @ #thinkabout19 1/5 with Laura Kalbag & Aral Balkan

This interview is part of a five-piece series: On Tour @ #thinkabout19.

In May we attended the Think About Conference – a new conference in Cologne Ehrenfeld about design and developmentand the influence and, as a fresh take, the impact of both on our society. And they nailed it! The two-track conference was extremely well organised and received, and it was stunning to see how much attention went into the details. All in all the set high expectation for the upcoming years!

[00:08:04] Laura Kalbag & Aral Balkan: Small Tech

Laura and Aral’s topic of heart is social justice in the digital age. They share how big corporates gather a lot of data from their users and how this affects everyone of us. The idea of owning your own data is not new. Laura and Aral provide ideas on how you can archive more ownership and what other efforts they are employing towards a more sustainable and ethical way to technology as a whole.


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