On Tour @ #cssday 2019 2/4 with Tab Atkins

This interview is part of our four-part series On Tour @ #cssday.

[00:09:31] Tab Atkins

The first time we got into contact with Tab Atkins was at Fronteers 2011 in Amsterdam. Tab talked about things he was excited about in CSS that were to come. We talk about what CSS Custom Properties and Nesting in CSS which at that time were well known because of Preprocessors like Sass. Nowadays Custom Properties are wildly supported but Nesting still lacks support and a proper spec.
If we look at today the most interesting thing in CSS is Houdini. Tab explains what is coming up in the field of Houdini APIs and how he sees the future of CSS specifications.

About the conference

In June 2019 we visited beautiful Amsterdam again to be part of CSS Day 2019 (with a UI special) taking place at Compagnietheater. CSS Day is organised since 2013 by Peter-Paul Koch, Krijn Hoetmer, and Martijn van Duuren – the people behind performance.now(), Mobilism and dsgnday.

This year’s edition featured great CSS talks going into details of how CSS properties like word-break work and talks about more design focused topics like how we can design better interfaces.
We’re sure there will be another CSS Day next year. So stay tuned.


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