Revision 358: Web Bluetooth & Web USB

As Schepp was left alone by his co-moderators (due to valid reasons) he reached out to Niels Leenheer in order to chat a bit about the Web Bluetooth and Web USB APIs. And as you might already have guessed this episode is in English :)


[00:02:25] Web Bluetooth
We talk about how Bluetooth is structured and how we see it and interface it from the browser. We mantion the GATT standard/protocol and how you can find many devices documented in the OpenGATT Registry. We talk about LEGO stuff that can be remotely controlled via Web Bluetooth, like the LEGO Batmobile (hardware / demo) or the LEGO Tracked Racer which you combine with an SBrick Bluetooth receiver in order to then control it with the help of sbrick.js. We also talked about „the physical web“ in the form of Bluetooth beacons, and we talked about beacons that can run JavaScript on themselves! If you prefer Bluetooth-interfacable microcontrollers, then you might wanna have a look at the Espruino and its Bluetooth extension. And then finally, we also talked about Web USB and how there are security considerations to be made.

[01:05:41] Links

Videos of Niels doing weird things
Namely: Fun with Bluetooth!
Fronteers Conference 2018: October 4th/5th in Amsterdam
One of the oldest and still one of the best frontend conferences in Western Europe! Non-profit and again with an amazing and diverse lineup. Although this time in a new venue in order to be able to offer more seats. Check it out, Western Germans… Conference: November 8th/9th, Amsterdam
The first edition of many more to come, this conference fills the vacuum that Velocity created and features a breath-taking array of webperf speakers. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime lineup!


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